Support is probably the feature that will make the biggest difference in your hosting experience. When you need help with your site, you want to talk to tech-savvy people who can solve your technical issues quickly.

Since you’re hosting on WordPress, a support team is generally comprised of WordPress experts, so they can fix not just the servers, but help you with your site as well.

Most hosts’ customer service is available 24/7. Business accounts, which many companies opt for, include phone support and the option for a dedicated account manager who provides guidance and assistance.

Many managed hosts have their own backups that get created nightly. Even if you work with them, you should opt for redundant backups, like Backup Buddy, to further cover yourself.

Many hosts are able to migrate WordPress-based websites. For instance, if your site is already hosted but you decide you want to use WP Engine, they can do it for you—for a fee. However, many businesses choose to migrate on their own or have their developers handle it.

Managed hosts provide guaranteed uptime. Uptime is defined as is the measure of the uninterrupted time that a hosting system experiences. Hosts usually advertise somewhere between 99% to 99.999% uptime.

Assuming a 365-day cycle, 99% uptime could mean several days of unscheduled downtime, or non-scheduled maintenance, for your sites. Sites that average 99.999% uptime experience only a few hours of downtime per year. The difference in uptime can mean thousands of dollars of revenue gained or lost.

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